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are bats protected in iowa

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The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies: Human Resource Director 227 South 6th Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51501. Unfortunately, Iowa has lost many of its native animals due to the progressive nature of humans. They rarely enter a home. Male bats live in trees, bat houses, behind shutters, under cedar shakes or like habitats. A number of animals are on the endangered species list including bald eagles, flying squirrels, bats, certain owls, and a number of lizards, insects, fish, and reptiles. Bat Removal – Northeast Iowa / Southwest Wisconsin. Bats are legally protected. Protectednongamespeciesincludewildfish,wildbirds,wildbats,wildreptiles,andwild In the United Kingdom, all bats are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Acts, and disturbing a bat or its roost can be punished with a heavy fine. It is not something that is really enforced however. These are the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1956. Spotted skunks are protected by the state, but they can still become pest animals. While I know many people who have harmed bats in their homes, it is actually illegal to capture, harm, or kill them. 1 WILDLIFECONSERVATION,§481A.42 481A.42 Nongameprotected—exclusion. They hibernate during the winter months in bat caves. He says it’s unlikely that an encounter with a bat may result in contracting rabies and bats are not interested in being around people. Bats are a protected species due to the benefits they provide by eating insects and pests. Two pieces of legislation are chiefly responsible for the federal bat protection laws that are currently in place. In the U.K. and most European countries, all bat species and their roosts are protected – including bats who have roosted in buildings – by domestic and international legislation. Wetrich points out bats are beneficial to the environment in regulating insect populations. Map to Bats of Iowa Stay connected with Pottawattamie Conservation. Many places will make up bat houses to deter from using homes as a roost. Occasionally, there are special circumstances where an order is provided by the state allowing for the removal of the bats during the maternity season, but these orders are not given in ordinary situations. Six Bats Are Protected By Federal Law. Bats are considered protected which means that you cannot harm a bat or its roost. Bats are a protected species. The favored gear for any engagement: a pair of thick, industrial gloves, long sleeves and jeans, and a trusty tennis racket. Legal protection of bats varies widely around the globe. They are about twenty-five percent of the wild animal life that carries this disease. Common Disease These Animals Can Spread - The main concern with bats is rabies. He notes that the common little brown and big brown bats are protected in Iowa and can’t be killed. You have the right to remove them from your property though.

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